Jo Jo wood

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JoJo Wood is a spoon carver, clog maker and a teacher. As the daughter of Robin Wood, who was awarded an MBE for his services to heritage crafts, JoJo has been making almost since she could walk. She’s one of the worlds leading spoon carvers, and is training under the last of the English clog makers, Jeremy Atkinson.

She hopes to inspire more women and younger people to get into woodworking, teaching that technique wins over physical strength every time. Passionate about the benefits of craft for our mental wellbeing, JoJo founded Pathcarvers, a social enterprise based in Birmingham.

JoJo runs a tool making company with her father, Wood Tools, which aims to make high quality and affordable tools accessible to a wider audience. JoJo has appeared on national and international television and in the press, and travelled around the world teaching and speaking about her work.

You can check out her Instagram, Facebook and website for further details.

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